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There were the 7th congresses with exhibition EUREGIA in Leipzig – October 25 – 27, 2010. Main goal of this event is support and development of regions and seats in Europe. This exhibitions and conferences have regular 2 years period since 2000. Although in previous years was exhibition and congress separate independent events, this year was focused on CENTRAL EUROPE programme project. There were only 73 exhibitors but congress had 2100 participants from 17 countries. AIE CR stand offered some information materials from solved projects – Technological profile CR, Science and Technological Parks brochure, KONTAKT – mobility project and INNOVATION 2010 and INNOVATION of the year Award.
Some information and congress themes were interesting, e.g. Economical cooperation perspectives in Central and Eastern Europe, European political Forum on region development and workshop Borders in Europe without borders – situation and position of Saxony-Czech regions in comparison of other EU cross border regions. Mr. Johannes Hahn, EU commissar for regional development was the most important guest of the conference. He discussed with Mr. Stanislawem Tillich, Head of Government of Saxony and Mr. Jan Mück, state parliamentary secretary at the Bundes Ministerium of transport, building and towns development; the topics of dialogue were perspectives of Cohoes and Structural Policy of EU that is in position creating new strategy, known as EUROPE 2000 for the growth.
Next EUREGIA will be October 22 – 24, 2012 and AIE CR will be the participant. So that the AIE CR members have possibility to participate there projects focused on regional development.
Translation: Ing. Pavel Dlouhý
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