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INNOVATION 2006, The Week of Research, Development and Innovation in the CR

Friday December 8, 2006

XI Innovation of the Year 2006 Award and the 1st Czech -German Innovation Award 2006

There were 41 participants – representants of all awarded innovative products, members of all AIE CR bodies, journalists and other guests.

Awarding was started and moderated by Mr. Pavel Švejda, Secreteary General AIE CR.
In the preface he told the characteristic of Innovation of the Year Award, introduced the Innovation of Year Evaluating Committee and took a think on number of applicants reasons. Summary of winners will be published in the magazine IP&TT No.1/2007 and will be offered to cooperating press, too.

After the preface all participants introduced their successful innovation products:

Mr. Karel Mindl – NH Zábřeh, a.s.
Mr. Petr Hutta – Research Institute of Agriculture Engineering Prague
Mr. Karel Kloc – UJP a.s. Praha (presented by Mr. Cemler)
Mr. Alois Palacký – FANA, s.r.o. Zašová
Mr. Jiří Spousta – MECHANIKA, s.r.o., Králův Dvůr (presented by Mr.Sedláček)
Mr. Petr Vorel – PREFA – BETON, s.r.o., Cheb
Mr. Radek Pecina – SE – MI service a.s., Slezská Ostrava

Mrs. Miroslava Kopicová , the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, handed over 6 awards of the Innovation of 2006 Year Award and 3 Czech-German Innovation Prices:

“Innovation of 2006 Year Award”

MECHANIKA, s.r.o., Králův Dvůr – Watter Mikroturbine SETUR
ÚJP Praha, a.s. – Cobalt Radio therapeutic Irradiator - TERABALT

“Honourable Mention”

PREFA – BETON, s.r.o., Cheb – Noise protection barrier
Research Institute of Agriculture Engineering Prague – Waste straw based Heating Pellets

“Competition Participation”

NH Zábřeh, a.s. – The System of mobile cells for crises situations
FANA, s.r.o. Zašová – Anchor – network spacer

This year was the first time awarded / Czech – German Innovation Award:

HN Zábřeh, a.s.
The Transport Unit
The system of mobile cells for crises situations

PREFA – BETON, s.r.o., Cheb
Noise protection barrier
Wolfgang Preinfalk GmbH, Sulzbach
SE-MI Service, a.s., Slezská Ostrava

Development of an innovative heavy type gear system for mining machines

After announcing the results and handing over the prices was informal meeting the Minister and representatives of collectives – creators awarded innovative products and innovative firms.

At 2 p.m. was the meeting of AIE CR bodies.

Photogallery – December 8, 2006

Authors of the texts: V.Mísařová, P.Švejda
Photogallery: P.Dlouhý

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